Do DIY Grout Cleaning Methods Really Work?

grout cleaning, professional grout cleaningCleaning the grout between the tiles doesn’t seem too complex. Just rinse, scrub, and dry, right? Actually, the process is not that simple. In fact, many of the DIY grout cleaning methods we hear of may actually damage the surface. We’ll analyze some of these methods and explain why they’re ineffective and potentially damaging.

Scrubbing Doesn’t Work

Many homeowners believe they’re giving the grout a good cleaning by scrubbing endlessly. Common tools include a discarded toothbrush and even motorized scrubbers. The scrubbing doesn’t clean the grout; all you’re doing is moving dirt over the pores without fully extracting it. You need to clean the grout at the pore level; otherwise, it will remain dingy. Cleaning the grout deep into the pore requires steam extraction technology.

DIY Power Tools

We have seen some crazy homemade scrubbers where DIYers attach scrubbers to the end of a power drill. They believe the high-velocity spinning will really do the trick. Unfortunately, the spinning motion still does not reach the pores. In addition, the high-speed rotation may cause scratches, especially if the brush contains firm bristles.

Modifying power tools is also potentially dangerous. Never use power tools for other than their intended purpose.

Unsafe Cleaning Liquids

Homeowners may also try to concoct their own detergent. A common cleaner is a simple mix of vinegar and baking soda. The vinegar is especially bad due to its high acidity. The acid will corrode the surface and reduce the grout’s lifespan. The baking soda doesn’t do much either, other than produce foam when mixed with the vinegar.

DIY Grout Cleaning Not So Simple

Grout cleaning isn’t merely grunt work; it involves a very intricate process. We recommend tile cleaning as part of a bigger home spring cleaning that also involves carpet servicing and upholstery cleaning. Avoid DIY grout cleaning and call Rick’s Family Carpet Care instead.

Professional Grout Cleaning

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