How to Recognize Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning Scams in Tacoma

bait and switch carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning scamsCarpet maintenance is a necessity for occupant health. However, homeowners need to be able to recognize a bait and switch carpet cleaning scam before scheduling a cleaning. Tacoma is rampant with these types of schemes that rip off unsuspecting homeowners.

How Do Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning Scams Operate?

In short, these scams advertise a certain price. However, once in your home and performing a pre-clean inspection, they’ll tack on dozens of surcharges.

This may, for example, include extra costs for chemicals or “special” cleaning agents. Another tactic is that they advertise a cost for cleaning a single room. When the job is done, they’ll charge you for additional rooms, citing that the closet or foyer constitutes a room. They may also charge higher prices for certain customers, such as elderly homeowners, who are less likely to dispute the cost.

How to Identify These Scams?

As the saying goes, if the price sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. It’s a cliché, but this especially applies to carpet cleaning scams. A reputable company isn’t going to clean your entire living room carpet for a fixed $19.99.

Another telltale sign is if the cleaner tries to push various upsells upon arrival. This is the sign that the cleaner is paid on commission and will try to incorporate additional add-on services to pad the final bill.

Finally, companies should always quote a price based on square-footage instead of a fixed price per room. Legitimate companies cannot set a fixed price per room since room sizes differ dramatically.

We Clean Your Carpet Without Dirty Sales Tactics

Rick’s Family Carpet Care cleans carpets, upholstery, and tiles. For any of these services, we give you a quote upon room inspection. You can bet that’s the final price without slimy upsells or false advertising. Bait and switch carpet cleaning scams are too common in Tacoma; don’t be a victim.

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