Why Your Tacoma Home Requires Carpet Stretching

carpet stretchingCarpet care goes beyond an annual steam cleaning. It may also require a stretch every few years. What causes a carpet to scrunch up in the first place? And, how do you know if your carpet requires stretching?

What Causes Carpet Ripples?

Various factors cause the carpet to scrunch up. One cause is indoor humidity. Moisture in the air penetrates the carpet, causing the floor below to swell. You can avoid this with an indoor dehumidifier.

Carpet waves may also arise due to dragging heavy items across the floor. This tugs on the carpet, causing any slack to push to one side. If the furniture is too heavy to lift off the floor, then use the floorboard method. Lift the furniture just enough to place it on a laminate floorboard. Place another board in front of the first and slowly “walk” the furniture to its destination.

How to Detect Carpet Ripples

Obviously, lumps and wrinkles are a dead giveaway that the carpet is due for a stretch. However, a carpet repair may be in order even if you see no visible signs of overt rippling.

We suggest performing a carpet pull test. To do this, firmly place an awl tool in the center of the room. This enables you to lift the carpet off the floor by about one inch. As you remove the tool, observe the carpet. Does the carpet immediately return to its original position, or does it remain in the lifted position? If the latter, then it’s due for a stretch.

We Stretch All Carpet Types

A rippled carpet is not only unsightly but also a tripping hazard. Contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care if you notice bumpy surfaces. Stretching the carpet is a large part of the carpet and upholstery care we can provide.

Carpet Stretching and Restoration

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