5-Second Rule: Is This Rule Applicable for Tacoma Homes?

5-second ruleMost people are familiar with the 5-second rule. If food drops on the floor, it’s still clean enough to eat if you pick it up within five seconds. Is this true or just a myth? Let’s explore this idea further.

What Science Says About the 5-Second Rule

A study from Aston University in the U.K. delved into the 5-second rule. Researchers tested the bacteria content of food after being dropped on the floor. They determined that the time food remains on the floor does indeed matter. The type of floor matters as well.

As it turns out, bacteria from tile and grout has a greater probability of transferring to the food than bacteria from carpet. This is because hard floors are usually dirtier, due to inadequate cleaning methods. You may think a tile floor is clean after mopping the surface. However, all the mop really does is spread the bacteria around. This is not the case with carpet cleaning, which involves vacuuming and steam cleaning.

How to Maintain a Clean Hard Floor

For the 5-second rule to be applicable, you have to maintain a clean floor. For hard floors, you have to use a clean mop. Here is how you keep it clean:

  • Rinse the mop and let it air dry after each use
  • You can also throw the mophead in a washer and set it on a gentle cycle
  • Store the mop in a cool dry location with the mophead facing up
  • Replace the mophead every two to three months
  • Use two separate buckets; one for rinsing and another for detergent

We Clean all Floor Types

Christmas is around the corner. We suggest contacting Rick’s Family Carpet Care before then for carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning. This way, you can apply the 5-second rule if you drop a candy cane on the floor.

Bacteria Removal from Carpet and Hard Floors

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