How to Remove Filtration Soil in Your Tacoma Home

filtration soil

Do you notice black streaks on your carpet? This is especially common with white carpets. These occur as filtration soil enters the home. We’ll explain what filtration soil is and how to remove the unsightly stain.

What Is Filtration Soil?

Filtration soil manifests as black lines that often appear on carpet edges and near doorways. Unfortunately, these stains are resistant to most carpet cleaners. Most DIYers have tried in vain to rid their carpet of these blemishes. Once the stains appear, professional carpet cleaning is often the only solution.

Why are these stains so stubborn? Filtration soil is composed of dirt, salt, carbon, and other airborne particles. When these elements enter the home, the carpet acts as a filter that traps these materials. Carpet fibers also trap indoor contaminants, such as cigarette smoke or smoke from a candle. In some instances, the streaks may occur on upholstery and even wooden furniture.

How to Prevent Filtration Soil

Prevention is the best measure. If installing a new carpet, we suggest a darker color. This won’t stop filtration soil, but the streaks won’t be as noticeable. We also suggest limiting your use of candles, the fireplace, and a wood-burning stove. When entering the home, remove footwear and outer coats. 

Also, be sure you replace furnace filters at the specified intervals. We recommend filters with a high MERV rating that’s capable of catching smaller particles. 

Finally, keep doors in unoccupied rooms open. When doors are shut, the HVAC sucks air from the thin slot under the door. This leads to black lines in the room’s entrance. 

We Remove Filtration Soil

Airborne pollutants in the Tacoma region often end up as filtration soil inside residences. Rick’s Family Carpet Care has the equipment to remove the stain on even the whitest carpets. Our special offers include removal of stubborn filtration soil.

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