How to Fix a Carpet Dent in Your Puyallup Home

carpet dent

Carpet dents are an eyesore. These imprints occur as furniture leaves visible marks that you can’t simply smooth over. Professional carpet repair services might be necessary, though you could probably minimize the dent with a few simple DIY measures.

How Do Carpet Dents Form?

Carpet dents form when you leave upholstered furniture in the same spot for prolonged periods. This is especially true for furniture with legs. The weight of the furniture presses down on the carpet and could leave permanent indentations. The heavier the furniture, the quicker a dent forms in place.

How to Prevent Carpet Dents

Prevention is the best remedy. One of the best methods is to move the furniture every few weeks. You don’t have to completely relocate it, just move it a few inches so the legs are in a different position. 

Another method is to spread the weight of the furniture. Under normal circumstances, the furniture’s entire weight rests on four skinny legs. Distribute that weight by placing furniture discs under the legs. The larger the weight distribution, the shallower the dent.

How to Remove Carpet Dents

If a dent is already present, then a few DIY remedies will possibly work. You could try the ice method by placing an ice cube on the dent and letting it melt in place. Soak up the water with a towel and try to smooth over the area using a spoon or similar object. You could also try to use heat: press a damp ironed towel over the dent and smooth over with a spoon.

We Restore Carpet Dents

Call Rick’s Family Carpet Care if you have deep indentations on your carpet. We normally fix dents along the way as we perform regular carpet cleaning. Carpet dents can be quite stubborn and may require professional removal.

Carpet Dent Restoration

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