How to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet in a Puyallup Home

remove red wine

Spilling anything other than water on carpet is a nightmare scenario. This is especially the case with red wine, a notorious staining agent. We’ll show you how to remove red wine from a carpet and what NOT to do.

How Not to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet

Most homeowners instinctively and immediately grab a paper towel and begin scrubbing rigorously at the spill. Do not scrub at the spillage. While this may lighten the stain, it will also spread it.

You should also not spray the area with a store-bought stain remover. Many homeowners spray the area only to find the red stain turn greenish or brownish. Sprays may cause a chemical reaction that leads to the color change.

The Right Way to Remove Red Wine

Act quickly and place several paper towels over the spill and apply your weight on the towels. This should transfer most of the liquid from the carpet to the towels. Replace towels as necessary. While tempting, do not scrub with the paper towel.

Next, lightly wet a fresh towel and blot over the spill for several minutes. Follow this up by placing a fresh dry towel over the spill. Place a heavy item, such as a stack of books, over the towel to keep weight on it. Let it sit for a few hours or even overnight.

This should prevent the spill from turning into a permanent stain. If some redness remains, then you will require professional carpet cleaning. The above steps also work for most upholstery and mattresses. The quicker you act the greater the probability that you will be able to remove all of it.

We Remove All Types of Stain 

For more stubborn stains, contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care. We clean most types of floors, including tile and grout. Removing red wine from a carpet is doable, but full removal may require professional intervention.

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