Does Your Puyallup Home Have Carpet Mold?

carpet mold

Carpet mold is far more common than people think. If you have a carpet in your home and haven’t scheduled a carpet cleaning in some time, then it probably has some degree of mold growth. Here’s how to recognize the signs of fungal growth deep in your carpet fibers.

The Truth About Carpet Mold

Most homeowners don’t suspect mold in their carpet fibers because the mold is deeper in the strands and not visible to the naked eye. However, other telltale signs are red flags of the presence of mold.

Musty Odor

A musty smell is a dead giveaway. However, since you spend most of the time in your home, you are probably accustomed to the odor and don’t even notice it. The smell, though, will be apparent to a visitor.


Mold in its advanced stages develops a distinct color. This may appear on the carpet in the form of black or green splotches. Even if you don’t see surface discoloration, the splotches could be visible underneath the strands if you look more closely.


Mold induces respiratory problems, especially in those with a history of asthma or bronchitis. Heightened allergy symptoms could be a sign of mold. The mold might be in your carpet, but it could be in other locations, such as the furniture upholstery.


Does your basement’s carpet feel damp? This may be a sign of a leak in the basement. Depending on how long the area has been wet, mold may have already begun to grow. Dry the area as soon as possible; the same goes for any liquid spills.

We Eliminate Carpet Mold

Mold is resilient and can grow even on surfaces like tile and grout. You can’t simply remove mold with a scrubber and a household cleaning spray. Call Rick’s Family Carpet Care if you suspect mold. Our cleaning removes carpet mold embedded deep within the fiber.

Carpet Cleaning and Mold Removal

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