Summer Tile Cleaning: Tile Maintenance in Your Puyallup Home

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We previously emphasized the importance of summer carpet cleaning. Much less attention, though, is given to tile floors during the hottest months of the year. Summer tile cleaning is just as important because the season creates situations for the floor to attract dirt and debris.

How Summer Creates Dirtier Tiles

Summer means more fun in the sun. The kids and pets play in the pool or in front of the lawn sprinklers. When they enter, they track the water indoors. You might think this is no big deal because it’s only water. However, when water dries, it leaves behind solid material on the tile floor, creating a visible stain.

Summer Tile Cleaning: The Basics

When cleaning tile, don’t over do it with the soap. More soap in the cleaning solution does not equal more clean tiles. When you use too much soap, some of the soapy residue remains on the tile. This creates a sticky surface for dirt to cling to.

Another helpful technique is actively drying the floor rather than letting it air dry. Homeowners may think air drying is fine especially with the summer heat. However, air drying often results in spots and stains. Think about it: do you let a mirror or car air dry? No, and you shouldn’t allow your tile floor to air dry either.

For best results, we suggest professional steam cleaning. This is one of the top maintenance methods for tile cleaning because it removes stains and kills bacteria. Mopping only creates the appearance of a clean surface, but actually makes the floor dirtier by spreading the bacteria.

We Clean Tile and Grout Year-Round

With the summer comes airborne pollutants, dirt, and sweaty bodies. This is why cleaning is all the more important. This goes for the carpet, tile, and upholstery. Contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care for summer tile cleaning.

Summer Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

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