Worst Carpet Stains in a Puyallup Home

carpet stain

Any type of liquid spill has the potential to cause damage to your carpet’s fibers, even water. Some liquids, though, are more headache-inducing than others. Let’s explore the worst carpet stain agents and what you should do immediately if you spill any of these on your carpet.

1. Blood

Even a minor papercut can cause blood to trickle. Blood is a protein-based liquid that makes cleaning a challenge. You will need to act fast and use an enzyme-based cleaner. This also goes for blood stains on upholstery and furniture.

2. Bleach

It’s a bit ironic that a liquid designed for stain removal can cause a stain itself. Technically, bleach doesn’t leave a stain. Rather, it causes fading by stripping the fiber of its dye. This makes cleaning nearly impossible if not treated in time. This will call for a professional carpet cleaning. Store bleach on tile or other hard surfaces so it doesn’t get near your carpet.

3. Red Wine

Red wine stain is especially bad on a light-colored carpet. Its acidic nature can also cause additional damage to the strands. You will need to blot the stain with a paper towel and then use baking soda or club soda to dilute the liquid. Scrubbing should remove most of the stain, though some discoloration may remain.

4. Coffee

Just as coffee stains teeth, it can also leave a brown mark on the carpet. As with other spills, the stain will be more pronounced on a light-colored carpet. Blot up as much of the spill as you can, then use a solution of water and white vinegar.

We Remove Stains from the Worst Carpet Spills

Stains are an eyesore. Unfortunately, DIY measures aren’t always 100% effective. If your DIY care fails to yield the desired results, give Rick’s Family Carpet Care a call. We remove stains on all surface types. We have the solution for even the worst carpet stains.

Residential Carpet Stain Treatment

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