Removing Grease from Carpet: How to Remove Oily Residues in Your Puyallup Home

removing grease

With Thanksgiving approaching, expect a lot of delicious, albeit grease-laden, food on the kitchen table. A spill can cause the grease to end up on the carpet floor. Fortunately, removing grease from carpet is possible, if you act immediately.

Removing Grease

Multiple methods are available which only require inexpensive items you probably already have in the home. You can use a simple solution of dish detergent, white vinegar, and water. Wipe away as much of the grease as possible with a clean towel, then use a sprayer to apply the solution. Let it sit for five minutes before dabbing at the stain with a clean cloth.

Alternatively, you can apply rubbing alcohol over the area. Use an absorbent pad and press it over the stain. Remove the pad and let the area dry.

The above techniques also work well for removing grease from upholstery and furniture.

If these methods don’t eliminate the stain completely, then the grease may have reached further into the carpet fibers. At this point, you will need to call for professional carpet cleaning services. Even on some tile floors, grease stains can be difficult to remove if they’ve been there for some time.

Removing Odor

Even if you manage to remove most or all of the stain, the odor may linger for a while. Sprinkle a small amount of white vinegar over the area and top it off with a sprinkle of baking soda. Let the contents sit overnight. The next day, remove with a vacuum cleaner. The baking soda may leave a distinct odor of its own which should quickly dissipate.

We Remove Grease from Carpet

We completely eliminate grease stains and their accompanying odors. Give Rick’s Family Carpet Care a call if a stain blemishes your floor. Removing grease from carpet is quite common, especially around Thanksgiving time when that greasy drumstick or mashed potatoes spill on the floor.

Carpet Stain and Odor Removal

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