Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Summer Is Necessary for Tacoma Homes

summer carpet cleaningCarpet attracts debris year-round. However, dirt and dust accumulation really ramp up in the summer. We’ll explain the factors that make summer carpet cleaning an essential component for good housekeeping. Just because the carpet appears clean doesn’t make it so.

Increased Foot Traffic

The children are out of school. With more people occupying the home for longer hours, you can bet the carpet will come into contact with more dirt. The kids will waltz in and out the front door or backyard, attracting more dirt to the carpet each time. Incorporate a strict house rule of no shoes in the living room.

Foot Traffic from Pets

Many pet owners swear their dog’s or cat’s energy level skyrockets in the summer months. Pets that continuously trot around the carpet are going to leave behind fur and dander. In addition, dogs that aren’t getting adequate stimulation outdoors may do so indoors and in the worst possible ways. This includes scratching, pawing, and even answering nature’s call on the carpet and upholstery.

Our special offers, by the way, include treatment for eliminating foul pet odors.


Summer is the time for patio barbecues. Even if guests dine outside, expect them to transport food and cookware in and out. A single drip from a greasy pan or mustard-stained fork can really leave a bad and permanent stain. Consider using disposable plates/utensils and keeping the waste bin outside.


Tacoma summers are quite humid. Some of that moisture in the air will make its way into the carpet. A damp carpet may go unnoticed because it leaves no visible stains. However, water and warm weather are the perfect catalysts for mold and bacterial incubation.

Schedule a Summer Carpet Cleaning

With the hottest time of year here, grab the phone and call Rick’s Family Carpet Care for a professional carpet cleaning. Summer carpet cleaning ensures the floor is free of visible stains and unseen elements that can lead to allergies.

Summer Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance

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