Why Winter Carpet Care Is a Must in Tacoma

winter carpet care, carpet maintenanceWinter is the time of year when your carpet needs extra attention. Carpet cleaning is important this season because the fibers are prone to staining due to chemicals used to counteract frigid weather. We’ll discuss why winter carpet care is a must.

How Winter Affects the Carpet

Tacoma isn’t the frostiest region, though the city does get cold enough that it might undergo light snowfall. How can snow negatively impact carpets? The snow you track into the house is more than just ice; it’s also a collection of dirt, road salt, and other debris. Snow that collects on your shoes ends up on the carpet.

How does this mess up the carpet? When the snow melts and evaporates, it leaves behind calcium and magnesium deposits. This creates a form of whitish crust that stains the carpet strands. A crusted surface will need extensive carpet repair.

How to Prevent/Remove Snow Stains

Instruct all occupants to take off their footwear at the doorstep. This includes all outerwear that comes into contact with snow. Keep a shoe and coat rack adjacent to the doorway.

If snow does get on the carpet, then you may be able to clean the surface if you act right away. Clear the debris With a mixture of lukewarm water and white vinegar. Apply the solution and wipe with a soft cloth. This pulls the salt to the surface. Gently wipe using a fresh towel to remove the salt.

This procedure is only effective for a fresh stain. Once the salt hardens, you’ll need to resort to professional cleaning.

We Handle Winter Carpet Care

The Tacoma region gets tons of road salt in winter. We also perform upholstery cleaning, which is just as prone to staining from salt. To maintain carpet longevity, contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care. Winter carpet care is necessary for maintaining the fiber strands’ original condition.

Winter-Time Carpet Care

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