How to Remove Filtration Soil in Your Tacoma Home

filtration soil

Are there black streaks on your carpet? This is typical among lighter-colored carpets. These occur as filtration soil makes its way indoors. We’ll explain what this type of soil is and how to remove it.

What Is Filtration Soil and Why Is It Common in Tacoma Homes?

Filtration soil appears as black lines that mainly form on carpet edges and close to doorways. Unfortunately, these stains are resistant to most store-bought stain removers. Many homeowners have attempted to rid their carpet of these unsightly marks. Once the stains manifest, professional carpet cleaning is likely the only viable remedy.

Why are the streaks so hard to remove? Filtration soil consists of dirt, salt, and other airborne particles. When these elements get indoors, the carpet acts as a filter that traps these materials. Carpet fibers also catch contaminants like cigarette or candle smoke. In some cases, the streaks may even manifest on upholstery or tile and wooden surfaces.

Prevention Measures

Prevention is the best remedy. If installing a new carpet, we recommend a darker color. This won’t prevent filtration soil, but the streaks will be a lot less visible to the naked eye. We also suggest minimizing the use of anything that gives off heat, such as candles and the fireplace. When entering the home, leave all footwear and outer coats by the doorstep.

Also, be sure to replace or clean the furnace filter regularly. For best results, use filters with a high MERV rating that can catch more microscopic particles. 

Finally, keep doors in unused rooms wide open. When doors are closed, the HVAC sucks air from the thin slot under the door. This causes black lines to form in the room’s entryway. 

We Remove Carpet Stains and Streaks

Airborne contaminants in the Tacoma area typically end up as filtration soil inside homes. Rick’s Family Carpet Care has the commercial tools to erase stains on even the whitest carpets. Our special offers include filtration soil removal on all carpet types.

Carpet Filtration Soil Removal in Tacoma

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