How to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet in a Puyallup Home

remove red wine

Spilling anything other than water on a carpet can get catastrophic really quickly if you don’t act fast. This is definitely the case pertaining to red wine, long notoriously known as a surface stainer. Fortunately, red wine removal may be possible in some instances.

How Not to Remove Red Wine from a Carpet

Upon a spill, the instinctive reaction is to grab a towel and scrub with all your might at the spill. Don’t do this!. While this may lighten the stain, it’ll also cause it to spread.

You also shouldn’t spray the stain with a conventional stain remover. Many people spray the spot only to discover to their horror the red stain morph into a brownish or greenish tint. Store-bought sprays contain unnatural ingredients that may lead to a chemical reaction.

The Correct Stain Removal Method

Act right away and place two to three sheets of paper towels over the spill. Place a book over the towels to apply firm but light pressure. This transfers most of the liquid from the carpet fibers to the towels. Replace the towels once they completely soak up. Though tempting, don’t scrub with the paper towels.

Next, moisten a clean towel and blot over the spill for two to three minutes. Follow this by applying a dry towel over the spot. Once again, place a weight over the towel. Let it sit overnight.

This should keep the spill from becoming a permanent stain. If some of the stain is still visible, then the next step is professional carpet cleaning. The above procedure also works for upholstery and mattresses. The faster you act the better the odds that you’ll be able to completely remove the stain.

We Perform Red Wine Removal in Puyallup

For more resistant stains, contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care. We clean most floor types, including tile and grout. Red wine removal is possible, but complete removal may require professional equipment.

Professional Red Wine Removal in Puyallup

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