Does Your Puyallup Home Have Carpet Mold?

carpet mold

Carpet mold is quite commonplace yet is so overlooked. If you have a carpet in your home and haven’t arranged a carpet cleaning in more than a year, then it more than likely has some level of mold. Learn how to recognize the signs of fungal presence, embedded deep in the fibers. 

The Truth About Carpet Mold in Puyallup

Most people never suspect mold in their carpets because the spores lie at the base of the carpet and are well out of sight. However, there are other indicators that hint at the possible presence of harmful fungi. 

Musty Odor

Never ignore a musty smell. Since you’re in the home often, you have become accustomed to the smell and perceive it as normal. However, it will be obvious to a visitor.


Mold in its developed growth stages takes on a distinct color. This may manifest on the fiber surface as blackish or greenish splotches. Even if there isn’t discoloration, the splotches may be noticeable beneath the strands if you examine close up.


Mold causes respiratory issues, particularly in those prone to asthma. Increased allergy symptoms could be a sign of mold. The mold might be in your carpet, but it could be in other parts of the interior as well, such as the drywall or furniture upholstery.


Does your basement carpet feel moist to the touch? This may be a sign of a burst pipe. Depending on how long the spot has been exposed to moisture, mold may already be present or in the process of spreading. Dry the area ASAP; the same goes for any spills.

We Clean and Sanitize Your Carpet

Mold can proliferate even on surfaces like tile and grout. You can’t simply scrub it away, especially if it’s on a soft surface like carpet. Contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care if you noticed the aforementioned signs of carpet mold. We’ll sanitize the carpet no matter how deeply the spores are embedded into the carpet.

Carpet Mold Removal in Puyallup

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