Jaw-Dropping Facts About a Dirty Couch in Tacoma Homes

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You plop on your couch daily. This is your go-to seat when watching sports or your favorite primetime programming. However, everyday use is exactly why the couch is likely teeming with dust and bacteria. You’ll be shocked as you learn some jaw-dropping facts about a dirty couch. Fortunately, keeping the couch clean doesn’t require that much work.

A Filthy Couch May Be Teeming with Mold

During hot and humid days, the upholstery absorbs moisture like a sponge. The same goes for other household items like carpets and mattresses. Moisture plus high heat creates a breeding environment for mold.

A Filthy Couch Has Grease Residue

Your couch is likely full of grease residue even if you have never spilled any oily fluids on the surface. The human body excretes natural oil, which can smear on the couch if your bare skin comes into contact with the surface. Dirt, germs, and debris are attracted to the oily spots like a magnet.

A Filthy Couch Is Full of Bacteria

Research shows that a couch has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat. Viruses like those that induce the common cold can survive on fabric surfaces for as long as 24 hours. Your couch could be the source of your illness or allergies.

How Frequently Should You Clean Upholstery?

According to the Hygiene Council, 61% of residents have never had the couch professionally cleaned or have only done so once in the upholstery’s lifetime.

We suggest an annual upholstery cleaning in tandem with a carpet and tile cleaning. Just as you normally wipe your kitchen countertop and bathroom sink, you need to give the same attention to your upholstery.

Let Us Sanitize Your Dirty Couch in Tacoma

Make summer the time of year to freshen your home with a much-needed cleaning. Begin by contacting Rick’s Family Carpet Care. We sanitize a dirty couch and eliminate stubborn stains and foul smells.

Dirty Couch Cleaning and De-sanitization in Tacoma

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