Worst Carpet Stains in a Puyallup Home

carpet stain

Any type of spill, even water, can potentially induce damage to your carpet’s fibers. Some liquids, however, are more of a hassle to address than others. Let’s look at the worst carpet stain agents and the appropriate ensuing course of action.

1. Blood

Even a minor papercut can lead to a gush of blood. Blood is a protein-based fluid that makes cleaning problematic. You’ll need to react quickly and employ an enzyme-based cleaning spray. This also applies to bloodstains on upholstery and furniture.

2. Bleach

How ironic is it that a liquid intended for stain removal can create a stain itself? To be more precise, bleach doesn’t leave a stain. Instead, it leads to fading by removing the fiber of its dye. This makes cleaning exceptionally difficult if not treated in a timely fashion. This will require a professional carpet cleaning service. Store bleach near tile or other hard surfaces so it doesn’t spill on your carpet.

3. Red Wine

Red wine stains are definitely bad news on light-colored carpets. The acidity can cause irreversible damage to the strands. You’ll need to blot the stain using a towel before sprinkling baking or club soda to dilute the liquid. Light wiping will eliminate the majority of the stain, though some discoloration may linger.

4. Coffee

Just as coffee stains teeth, it can also leave a brownish tint on the carpet. As with other spills, the stain will be more noticeable on a light-colored carpet. Blot up the spill, then gently wipe away using a homemade mixture of white vinegar and filtered water.

We Remove all Carpet Stain Types for Puyallup Homes

Stains are a visual blemish, and DIY measures usually aren’t 100% effective. If DIY care fails to produce meaningful results, give Rick’s Family Carpet Care a call. We eliminate stains on all surface types. No carpet stain is a match for our industry procedures and commercial tools.

Residential Carpet Stain Treatment in Puyallup

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