Carpet Care and Indoor Air Quality: How a Dirty Carpet Affects Tacoma Homes

carpet care, indoor air quality

Your house interior may be the root cause of your allergies. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor contaminants are up to five times greater than the pollutants outside. The condition of your carpet plays a major role. Carpet care and indoor air quality are highly connected.


Unless you just steam-cleaned the carpet, the fibers are almost certainly teeming with bacteria. Typical germs found in carpet include listeria, shigella, and salmonella, among others. Here’s another jaw-dropping fact: a carpet can contain as high as 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Research also reveals an average indoor carpet is 4,000 times filthier than a public toilet seat.


Moisture can become “locked” into the fibers. This can be due to a liquid spill or walking barefoot with wet or sweaty feet. Moisture induces mold growth, which takes place beneath the surface and is invisible to the naked eye. This can lead to flu-like symptoms like chronic coughing and watery eyes.


Allergens range from common dust particles to pet fur. Having these in your carpet is particularly terrible if you have multiple allergen sensitivities. Carpets can have as much as 100 times more allergens than hardwood flooring. This is because the carpet fibers trap minute particles much the same way an HVAC filter traps debris.


Chemicals may linger deep in the carpet. This includes a number of chemicals found in everyday items, such as window and pest sprays. The chemical remnants can remain for years.

We Perform Carpet Care and Indoor Air Quality Control in Tacoma

Apart from the carpet, the tile floors and upholstery can hide just as many contaminants. This makes professional care necessary for interior cleanliness. Contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care to book a residential cleaning. Indoor air quality is highly dependent on the condition of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Improvement in Tacoma

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