What to Do About Reappearing Carpet Stains in Tacoma

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A common frustration about carpets is that stains often manifest in the same spot, even after you already cleaned the area. What’s the cause for reappearing carpet stains in Tacoma residences? Just as relevantly, is there anything that can be done to rid the stains permanently?

Why Stains Return

Homeowners often use a towel to wipe the stain away. The problem here is that the towel only scrubs the stain at the surface of the carpet fibers. It doesn’t reach the liquid spill at the base. The fiber at the surface eventually reabsorbs the liquid in a process known as wicking. All it takes is for the spot to get wet for wicking to occur. The water shuttles the stain residue to the surface, hence the return of the stain you previously removed. Wicking is also common in upholstery and mattresses.

How to Eliminate Stains Once and for All

Stains require treatment the minute a spill occurs. If not, then a professional carpet steam cleaning may be your only remediation.

Blot at the stain using a towel or sponge. Next, apply baking soda and water to the stain and blot again with another clean towel. After this, there is one final step that the majority of homeowners ignore, hence why the stain returns.

The third and final step is to place a clean towel over the stain and place a weighted object over it, such as a stack of paperbacks, and leave it overnight. This draws moisture from the bottom of the carpet fibers.

We Put a Stop to Reappearing Carpet Stains in Tacoma

Stains can appear on just about any surface, even on hard floors like tile and grout. Treating the stain with household solutions may not always suffice. This is when you should contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care. We professionally treat the stain and put an end to reappearing carpet stains for good.

We Remove Reappearing Carpet Stains in Tacoma

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