Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Puyallup Matters

Commercial Carpet CleaningThe typical white-collar employee spends 13-years of his/her life inside an office. If the office is teeming with dust and contaminants, this will have a negative impact on staff health and productivity. This is why commercial carpet cleaning is essential for Puyallup businesses. 

Office Carpets Are Dirty

Most office carpets contain microscopic germs and pollen. It may also contain food remnants, insect remains, and even human skin cells. This leads to a carpet that’s highly unsanitary, even if the carpet appears more or less clean on the surface.

Here’s another alarming fact: the average commercial carpet is 4,000 times filthier than a home toilet seat. This was verified in a research from the University of Arizona.

Healthy Faculty Members Are More Productive

A dirty office carpet leads to airborne contaminants that can lead to illness. When your employees fall ill, they won’t be able to perform their duties. This leads to a loss in productivity and increased downtime. Ultimately, this may cause a loss in revenue or return on investment.

This is why you should schedule an annual carpet cleaning. If the office contains other floor types, such as tile and grout in the bathroom and breakroom, those floors require professional cleaning as well. Some contemporary offices also now incorporate home-style furniture and even beds for employee use. Furnishings also require cleaning and de-sanitation.

A Clean Office Encourages Clean Behavior

If employees see that management regularly cleans the office, they will more likely respect the space. They’ll keep their own cubicles tidy and treat the space as a whole as if it were their own home.

We Perform Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Puyallup

Do you work out of a brick-and-mortar office in Puyallup? Call Rick’s Family Carpet Care for commercial carpet cleaning and other floor maintenance. A clean carpet leads to secondary positive effects on the staff and work environment.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Puyallup

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