Do DIY Grout Cleaning Methods in Tacoma Really Work?

grout cleaning, professional grout cleaningWiping the grout between the tiles seems straightforward enough. Just take a wet towel or sponge and wipe until the stains disappear, right? Actually, the truth is not that simple. In fact, DIY grout cleaning may lead to more harm than good. Here is a look at why attempts at self-cleaning may actually damage the tile and grout.

Scrubbing Doesn’t Work

Many homeowners think they’re being effective by scrubbing vigorously using tools like toothbrushes and even electric scrubbers. The scrubbing motion actually does little to clean the grout. What it actually does is spread the dirt and grime over the grout’s porous surface. For grout cleaning to be effective, you have to reach below the surface and deep into the pores. Standard tools like a toothbrush or towel aren’t going to reach past the surface.

On a side note, you should also not scrub when cleaning a carpet. As with trying to clean grout, this will only cause the dirt and grime to spread over the surface.

DIY Power Tools

Some homeowners have even tried to get creative and use tools like a cloth attached to the end of an electric drill. The idea is that the drill’s high-velocity spinning will remove the dirt once and for all. The drill’s spinning does nothing to reach into the pores. In fact, the spinning risks damaging the grout and adjacent tiles.

Hazardous Cleaning Liquids

Another common DIY solution consists of homemade cleaning liquids. A frequently utilized mix includes baking soda and white vinegar. The vinegar can corrode the grout due to its acidity. As for the baking soda, all it does is create a foamy mixture.

DIY Grout Cleaning Is Not the Answer for Tacoma Homes

You can’t clean grout using traditional DIY methods. The process is very complex and requires commercial tools for the job. Contact the pros at Rick’s Family Carpet Care for comprehensive grout, carpet, and upholstery cleaning.

Professional Grout Cleaning in Tacoma

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