How Dirty Is Your Mattress in Tacoma?

dirty mattress, mattress cleaningYou lay on your mattress for eight hours per night. You clearly want your bed to be clean. Unfortunately, you may have a dirty mattress in your Tacoma home and not realize it. Just because the mattress looks spotless doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Facts About Germs and Mattresses

The typical Tacoma residence collects 40-pounds of dust annually. The dust settles on the carpet, furnishings, upholstery, and even the mattress.

In bedrooms, the bed is the primary spot for bacteria to collect. The bed, in fact, makes the bedroom a lot less sanitary. When you toss and turn, it suspends particles into the air.

The mattress has so much bacteria because your sweat and body heat creates a good environment for germs to thrive.

How Dirty Are Bed Accessories?

Your bed is more than just the mattress. The entire set includes the blankets, pillow, and linens. These all provide additional surfaces for germs and dust. Here is some food for thought to consider:

  • A one-month-old pillow has 12 million bacteria per square inch. That’s nearly 40 times dirtier than an unwashed pet food bowl.
  • A bed sheet that’s only seven days old has five million bacteria per square inch. That’s dirtier than a bathroom door handle.

The bedroom as a whole may also comprise of a carpet or tile floor. Both floor types also collect dust and microscopic particles.

We Clean Your Dirty Mattress in Tacoma

You have to clean the mattress. That sounds obvious, but many homeowners never do so over the entire life of the mattress. While seemingly clean on the surface, the bed surface is laden with pathogens that can cause illness. Take action by contacting Rick’s Family Carpet Care to clean your dirty mattress.

Let Us Clean Your Dirty Mattress in Tacoma

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