Why Your Tacoma Home Requires Carpet Stretching

carpet stretchingHomeowners with a carpet in their residence interior should arrange for yearly carpet cleaning. However, caring for your carpet shouldn’t end there. In addition, you should also consider carpet stretching. Learn what it means to stretch your carpet and why it’s important for Tacoma homes.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpets develop ripples over time. This manifests in the form of slack in certain areas of the carpet. Carpet stretching is precisely what its name suggests. A professional crew stretches the carpet to remove the excess ripples.

What Causes Carpet Ripples?

Multiple factors cause the carpet to scrunch up. One factor is humidity. Moisture is capable of making its way below the carpet bed, causing it to swell. You can minimize this by using a dehumidifier. 

Another cause is constantly dragging large furniture and other heavy objects across the carpet. This causes slack to build up on one side. If you need to move heavy objects, use the floorboard hack. Place floorboards from the location of the object to the desired location. Lift the furniture just enough to place it on the first set of floorboards and “walk” the object to its destination.

How to Spot Carpet Ripples

Wrinkles are a clear sign of existing ripples. However, you may need carpet repair even if there are no visible signs of wrinkles.

We suggest the carpet pull test. Grab at the center of the carpet using an awl tool and lift it about one inch. When you release it, does the carpet quickly return to its original position, or does it remain in the lifted position for several seconds? If the latter, then it needs a stretch.

We Stretch All Carpet Types

A wrinkled carpet is a tripping hazard. Contact Rick’s Family Carpet Care if you see bumpy surfaces. Carpet stretching in Tacoma is a part of the carpet and upholstery care we perform for residences and offices.

Carpet Stretching and Restoration in Tacoma

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